a:5:{s:9:"elm_title";s:19:"Williams and family";s:11:"name_height";s:2:"12";s:7:"web_url";s:7:"http://";s:11:"disabled_el";s:2:"no";s:19:"testimonial_content";s:185:"Your trip planning met the birding and flora expectations throughout our travels. The terrain was incredibly outstanding, with rhodys, magnolias, fire trees, both going and coming back.";}

Bhutan tour Bhutan tour ism is one of the fastest growing industries in Bhutan. The country today is seen as one of the most sought-after destinations in South Asia, primarily because of its rich natural and cultural heritage. Bhutan’s high-value low-impact tourism policy revolves around what is considered in the West as sustainable tourism. The policy has not only created the image of exclusivity but has also passionately promoted the idea of sustainable tourism.


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